The Agrobioteg Innovation Park is the ideal place to evaluate and develop your idea of a new product, process or service based on biotechnology.


In Agrobioteg we have a laboratory of common use where you can find the equipment that your new biotechnology company needs.

With this, you will be able to invest time and money in the development of your idea and not in the acquisition of material. Once your idea is validated in the market and you begin to grow, you will find 10 hectares where you can build from the foundations your new big company.

In Agrobioteg you will not only find an infrastructure, you will meet all of us, a team with great skills and different backgrounds that we will gladly help and support at every stage of the development of your idea until you become a new technology-based company.

We transform your ideas into innovation


When you have an idea based on biotechnology, we help you evaluate if it is innovative, if it does not invade the property rights of others, above all, if it is technically and commercially viable. From here, we begin with the process of Customer Discovery to identify that effectively your idea covers the need of someone else.



By finding out that if there is a market for your idea, we help you, develop it until we generate a new product, process and / or service that fits the needs of customers. Here we develop with you your minimum viable product so that we can validate it in the market and develop the right business model for each customer segment.


Start up

With your product and validated business models, we help you create your technology-based company. Together we decide the best figure and we accompany you on the way to solve all the legal and fiscal requirements for your constitution. Since you will be a technology-based company, we manage your RENIECYT number with CONACYT. At this stage, it is very important that you get your first sales. We guide you to identify the best ways to finance the development of your new product, process and / or service.



Once you generate first sales, we can help you develop new markets, get closer to new customers and promote the use of your product, process and / or service among our multiple partner companies, so that you are part of your portfolio of suppliers. Using the laboratory of common use within Agrobioteg you can start to create your products without having to invest in equipment and thus start to capitalize you. Here we help you manage the resources so you can take that leap for a mass production or introduce new products, processes and / or services to your offer.



With a consolidated product and constant sales, the introduction of new products to the portfolio and more capital, we offer a space within the Agrobioteg Innovation Park so that you can build your company, and enjoy the advantages of being part of the Agrobioteg community, As well as being close to our ecosystem


How can we help you?


Tell us your idea based on biotechnology, how you can turn it into a product, process and / or service. We will help you evaluate it and set up a road map to develop your first viable minimum product

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MiPyMES)

We help you identify opportunities to innovate and find the best way to fund your projects through different types of funds. We found the researcher to help you realize your idea.

Big enterprises

We develop your innovation projects in connection with universities and research centers. We form and manage the multidisciplinary team that you need for the development of new products, processes and / or services.

Universities and research centers

We assist in the processes of effective linkage to transfer the results of research and technological developments carried out by universities and research centers to the productive sector.


We support the development of strategic studies for the generation of better public policies and support programs that promote the biotechnology sector and the innovation ecosystem.


From 2014 until now

We have developed

+ de 60

projects of entrepreneurs and companies

We have set up


new technology-based companies

We have validated


new products in the target market

We have channeled

16.5 MDP

million public resources for innovation projects

We are recognized in the framework of the 2017-03 Call as

Office of Technology Transfer,

before the Technical and Administration Committee (CTA) of the Sectoral Innovation Fund – Secretaría de Economía-CONACYT


Your company can be part of the Agrobioteg Innovation Park in two ways.

You can be one of our partner companies that stay with us and therefore, have a space defined for your benefit within the park, as well as the right to enjoy common spaces, such as the common laboratory, innovation lab, and Our 3 meeting rooms.

If your company is established elsewhere and you want to work with us on your innovation projects, you can be one of our partner companies not hosted. These companies are with which we develop innovation projects within their own facilities, but it can also make use of the spaces of common use with those that we have in the Park.




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